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| August 18, 2020


With the current Stage 4 COVID regulations in place, the movement in the SJOS Housing Units has slowed. Families are able to move on, into permanent housing, but we are
unable to take new families. As such there are no vacant units. The Food Store and the Bread Bank are still continuing to serve, and although less busy than in pre-pandemic times, the families value the support they receive. A COVID Safe Plan is in place to support all SJOS Volunteers and Friends.


Patron: Sir James Gobbo AV CVO

President: Ms Janet Maher


St Joseph’s Outreach Services (SJOS)
Post Office Box 21
South Yarra VIC 3141



Our mission is to provide transitional housing and
support services to those in need, regardless of race
or creed and to work towards relieving the effects of
poverty in our community.


Being a community-based service required to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people, the services provided by SJOS, (the housing units, the food store and the bread bank), continue to be available for the community. The Food Store opening hours have remained as per the regular published schedule and the Bread Bank continues with the 24-hour operation through the 2-way freezer. Thank you to all the volunteers who have continued to make themselves available during this challenging period.


Although not being able to “gather”, the SJOS Garden Club has developed a local roster to ensure that the garden is maintained, thus continuing to grow vegetables, herbs and fruit. Currently growing are broad beans, Italian and curly parsley, red chard, silver beet, rosemary, peas, chives, coriander, rhubarb, cabbages, thyme, oregano, Vietnamese mint, mint, curry leaves and chilies. The flowers being grown include lavender, alyssum, daisies and nasturtiums, while there are 2 apple trees, an apricot tree, a pomegranate tree, 2 lemon trees, 3 plum trees, some blueberry bushes and 2 grapevines in place.


The team has been harvesting (twice a week) for the SJOS Food Store. This month they have harvested lots of parsley, mint, thyme, chives, silver beet and red chard. Unfortunately, the cabbages and spinach are still not ready for harvesting.


Composite buckets have been given out to members of the garden group to gather their kitchen waste and the first bin of compost has been removed and used. The worm farm has been installed and the “farm” is being developed.


The group will have to wait for Stage 4 Restrictions to be reduced for the announcement of the date of their next meeting.


A very big thank you to both Clare Taylor (above) and Daniel Dorall whose creativity has helped design a new layout for the store so that the area can be COVID compliant and continue providing the service.


Sometimes, a simple conversation makes it all worthwhile. During a recent Saturday afternoon operation, one of the Food Store visitors stated, “I am a regular visitor and I really appreciate that you have bread available all the time. I couldn’t survive without your bread, and do you know, you can live on bread and tea!


A very big thank you to those who unleashed their generosity recently. With winter upon us, further maintenance projects are currently on hold, while we wait for better weather conditions. The SJOS Housing Units have good occupancy at the moment so it will be some months before we can start on the next refurbishing project.


There is still a great need for additional volunteers. The rosters for September are being prepared now, so if available to help with the Food Store or the Bread Bank, please complete the volunteer form on Thank you.


VALE MARY GAYNOR: A wonderful SJOS supporter and donor died on Monday 3 August 2020. Mary Gaynor was always the first to buy a ticket and she would encourage others to participate in all the SJOS fundraising activities. Mary believed in our mission and she was so generous, ready to donate and support our events. She believed in giving back and we are privileged to have had her support. Rest in peace Mary.


VALE ANITA D’ANDREA: A beautiful lady and the mother of SJOS Committee Member, Antonietta, Anita D’Andrea died on Tuesday 11 August 2020. Anita, the doyen of Rocky’s Fruit & Veggies, most generously supported every SJOS fundraising activity, not only by attending with her family and friends but also by donating all the fruit and vegetables needed for the event. The fillings in the sandwiches for all SJOS High Teas and Afternoon Teas were supplied through Anita and her family. Her quiet reassuring presence and gentle manner will be remembered by everyone. Rest in peace Anita


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