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| July 16, 2020


The SJOS Housing Units now have 8 small children in residence. There are 7 children between the ages of 2 years to 5 years and one 6-month-old baby. The Food Store has been quiet compared to former months but still served over 120 families in June. With COVID-19, the Food Store will remain open as long as we have the supplies. All SJOS Volunteers, Supporters and Visitors are encouraged to follow the new personal sanitation guidelines, to ensure a safe environment for all.

Dr David Quin AM receiving his
SJOS award

Patron: Sir James Gobbo AV CVO

President: Ms Janet Maher


St Joseph’s Outreach Services (SJOS)
Post Office Box 21
South Yarra VIC 3141



Our mission is to provide transitional housing and
support services to those in need, regardless of race
or creed and to work towards relieving the effects of
poverty in our community.


On Thursday morning, 2 July 2020, Dr David Quin AM, one of the founding members of the SJOS Committee, passed away. David had not been well, having spent time recently in The Alfred, but he died peacefully, surrounded by many members of his very large extended family.


David was admired by all as a very humble, true gentleman, a wise man with a great ability to bring people together. His compassion, his insightfulness, his vision and his proactive attitude inspired many to step up and volunteer, to make a difference. He was a truly remarkable man, so generous with his time, extremely charitable and a man of great faith. He was an inspiration to us all, he will be greatly missed, and it was a pleasure and a privilege to have known him. He left a great legacy, as he was “a man for others”.


The family held a beautiful funeral at Xavier College, challenged by the COVID-19 restrictions. SJOS will have a memorial service for David, once large gatherings are allowed again. R.I.P. David


The SJOS Volunteers have continued to be very busy supporting the various SJOS activities. In the Food Store, extra time is now required to ensure that the area is set up to ensure appropriate self-distancing. Chairs are placed strategically apart outside the entrance and PPE is available for volunteers and visitors. Several volunteers have offered their suggestions and as a result, the store has a new procedure in place to ensure that a healthy distance is maintained between visitor and volunteer. Getting supplies of certain products have been challenging, but it is hoped that once the second wave of panic buying is over, the distributors will be able to provide the basic food products for which the SJOS Food Store is known. The Bread Bank volunteers are all continuing to engage and the supply of bread, although variable at times, is still providing the service needed.

The SJOS Garden Club holds monthly meetings at the garden. The south wall garden, on which they found a handball game drawn, has been cleared, with debris discarded amounting to 2 van trips to the Stonnington Transfer station. The work in progress is to establish three garden beds to plant fruit trees and vegetables. Bags of parsley and several herbs have been harvested for the Food store, pea straw has been spread over the garden and peas and coriander planted. Recently, the group discussed the use of the seed table and it was decided to try growing silverbeet from seeds. The new compost bin is now in use and everyone is encouraged to compost their vegetable scraps. Bec Nichols from Stonnington Council has been in discussion with the group regarding the overall garden strategy to see if help from the Council’s Environment Sustainability Team can be provided. They will assist in finding someone in the community with horticultural skills interested in volunteering and assisting so an advertisement for the July Stonnington "Environmental News and Events" was developed to start the search.


A very big thank you to those who unleashed their generosity recently. With winter upon us, further maintenance projects are currently on hold, while we wait for better weather conditions. The SJOS Housing Units have good occupancy at the moment so it will be some months before we can start on the next refurbishing project.


The SJOS Management Committee would like to thank the Twelve Thirteen Barmi Batmi Group for their wonderful donation of 24 sets of double bed sheets and towels for use in the SJOS Housing Units. In a variety of colours, our families in the units will now have the advantage of being able to enjoy clean new sheets and fluffy towels.


There is still a great need for additional volunteers. Thank you to the generous people who have come forward as we now have more assisting with the Woolworths daily bread pick-up and with moving the SJOS Housing Unit Bins to the street for emptying. However, more volunteers are needed to ensure that we can keep the SJOS Food Store in operation. If available, please complete the volunteer form on Thank you.


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