Volunteer Information

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who benefits from the work of SJOS?

Anyone needed emergency relief needs in the wider community

2. Who stays in the SJOS Housing Units?

Families who are homeless and have registered as needing housing relief,

3. How do people get to be allowed to stay in one of the unit?

The families who stay in the units are registered with Centrelink and they are supported by a welfare charity or group who registers them for emergency or short-term housing relief with Launch Housing.

4. How do families register with Launch Housing?

Launch Housing has offices in St Kilda and Collingwood

5. Is there a cost to staying in the units?

By Victoria Government Law, we are entitled to take 25% of a family’s Centrelink payment as rent. Of this amount, we give 30% to Launch Housing in order to manage the residents and provide case worker support. SJOS pays all electricity, gas, and water expenses, SJOS pays for general maintenance and SJOS supplies these units as fully furnished and self-contained.

6. How long can families stay in the units?

The units are for short term transitional housing and the current contracts are for a twelve month stay.

7. Who can come to the Food Store?

Anyone with a disability or support pension with a Centrelink Pension or Health Care Card. ID is required for all visitors to the food store.

8. How often can a family visit the food store?

The food store allows only one visit per person per month, to collect 10 items

9. Are the eggs and cheese included in the 10 items a family can receive?

Yes, the 10 items include the eggs and the cheese.

10. How many personal hygiene items can be given to any one family?

All hygiene items must be included in the count of ten items. Only items in the baskets can be given away without including them in the count.

11. When can a family be given more that one of any item?

No family can receive more that one of any item. The same rule applies to all.

12. Are families with children given more items?

No family is allowed to receive more that 10 items per month, regardless of the number of children

13. Can someone collect on behave of someone else?

No one is allowed to collect on behave of any other person.

14. Can a family request delivery of their 10 items?

SJOS does not have the resources to make home visits.

15. Where does the fresh produce given out in the food store come from?

The SJOS Garden Group grows the produce in the SJOS Garden.

16. Who donates the food products to the SJOS Food Store?

Most of the Food is not donated. Each week volunteers shop for the food that is given out.

17. How does SJOS fund the food purchased for the food store?

SJOS works with trusts, organisations, and philanthropic groups to raise money for SJOS

18. Where does the bread in the Bread Bank come from?

The bread and rolls are all the day old bakery products from Woolworths, Baker’s Delight & Rustica

19. Why does the bread in the freezer sometimes run out?

SJOS Volunteers collect the day-old bread from the bakeries, but there is no guarantee of quantity

20. How do I become a volunteer with SJOS?

Visit www.sjos.org.au and fill in the volunteer form

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